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Specialize in The Production of Spare Parts And Mass production

MADCUR offer better prices and better quality by creating bespoke, engineer-made quotes. Your project is unique, and we deliver the service it demands. We are your manufacturing partner for your prototyping and production of custom metal parts.

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Clients Says

It is one of the best places for manufacturing

limited number as spare part with high accuracy and very low loss in material due to errors in egypt.Their surface finish is also one of the best and the top in the industry.

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Ahmed Elkhatib

I'm visiting today this perfect workshop

I think, a lot of partnerships, a lot of efficiency, a lot of quality. I'm very happy to visit you and to see your way of working, your way of processing. It seems to be very good

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Eric Martin
GM of Forlam

My experience with Madcour Workshop was exceptional

Their commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the world of CNC metalworking. I wholeheartedly recommend them

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Tamer Ali


Madcur Facts

Our team of highly experienced engineers and technicians are dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of quality in every aspect of our operations,achieved through the application of the most rigorous international quality standards


Clients around the world such as TAIB , Forlam , Zanussi and More..


Designed and completed projects with Engineering and executive experience


Years of experience and we always maintain our continuous excellence."


Example of a produaction parts

  • In this part we succeded in produsing about 60.000 parts in average 10.000 parts per month.
  • Succseding in beating out competitor with more than 8x his productivity.
  • Better with tool life 8 times.
  • Using the best tools , kinds of drills which make it easy to product in a fast way.
  • Culculating the optimum speeds and feeds to produce what is required with the quilty and rates needed.





100% guarantee for refunding your money if the error rate exceeds 0.02.

Manufacturing and assembling machine parts services are available throughout Europe.

We can execute projects in half the normal time as we operate 24 hours a day.

Free engineering design and inspection are provided before implementation.



Madcur Feeding Industries

Specialized in machining , like turning and milling, with German CNC machines, to manufacture all spare parts and mass production parts for various industries. exporters to European countries and Arab countries, like Italy, France, Turkey and Morocco

We are characterized by high accuracy, the best surface finish. We apply the highest international quality standards with highly experienced engineers and technicians.


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